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BnL Checkup is the first chapter in WALL.E The Video Game. The level is set out in different phases; each phase has its own special objective. Since it's the first and easiest level, it is designed to teach you how to play the game.

The StoryEdit

BnL Buy and Large' is calling all the WALL.E bots to a routine checkup station to see if the robots are working properly.

To see full WALL.E story see, WALL.E The Video Game in the Section - The Story

Phase OneEdit

Collect all the Blue Energy Charges; (small blue cylindrical thingimajigs) ten in total. Then press the 'Circle' button at the door to go through.

Phase TwoEdit

Walk into the junk pile, create a cube and throw it at the two Blue Energy Charge boxes with the 'Square' button. To drop a cube, press the 'Circle' button. After the cubes are destroyed, collect the Blue Energy Charges and go to the next phase.

Phase ThreeEdit

Press the 'Circle' button to turn to box form and go under the construction signs. Then, release the 'Circle' button to turn back into Normal form, turn left and go through the door.

Phase FourEdit

Move forward and hold the 'Circle' button to charge through the silver crates and then the Blue Energy Charge boxes. Then collect all the charges and go through the door to the next phase.

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