WALL.E The Video Game

WALL.E The Video Game is a level adventure game where you have to either play as the playful robot WALL.E or the loving robot EVE.

Starting The GameEdit

The Profile MenuEdit

After you press the START button on the Start Screen, the game can really begin. If you are playing for the first time, the you will need to press the Create button. If you are returning to continue your profile, then you will have to press the Load button. However, if you haven't played the game in a long time and you want to start a new one then press the Delete button and delete you old profile, then press the Create button to start a new one. If you are creating a profile, then you will have to write a name of a maximum of four letters. You will also have to choose whether to play with normal or widescreen views.

The Chapter MenuEdit

After you access your profile, press the Play button to go to the Chapter Menu. The Chapter Menu is a selection of levels called chapters. If you have just created your profile, then you will have only one level available. You will keep unlocking chapters as you continue the game. In some chapters you will have to play as EVE and in some levels you will have to play as WALL.E. There are about thirty levels to choose from. Good luck...

Other MenusEdit

The Options MenuEdit

In the options menu, you can control the vibration, sound and go back to the profile menu. Do not tamper too much with the options or you could really stuff it up.


As you complete more chapters, you will unlock more minigames. Minigames are fun and you can play them with numerous players.

The StoryEdit

As the B'N'L (Buy and Large) company have increased urban development all over the world, Earth has been turned into a wasteland of garbage. In result, humanity itself escapes into a huge space cruiser called the Axiom leaving robots called WALL.E bots (Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth-Class) to clean up the mess. Unfortunately, a huge sandstorm wipes all the WALL.E bots out except for one and the humans plan to stay in space for a bit longer. Soon enough, they lose track of time and stay in space for 700 years. The humans spend all this time riding in chairs and lose a lot of bones, but will anything stop them from doing nothing?

Playing The GameEdit

Here is a list of levels of the WALL.E game. (All of the levels might not be here yet, because I have yet to replay them:

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